A content audit does not need to be a massive time investment in which you manually scrape your site. One more thing: Calendars won’t do you much good if you are the sole keeper of the schedule. This map of personas and products can help you visualize what’s working and what type of content can best connect your audience to your business. Who is your target audience? Just like there are a variety of ways to publish and promote your content, there are a wide range of tools and approaches to measure your work. Compare similar time frames to avoid false reporting. You know how much time it takes from idea to content creation to analytics. It also ensures that everyone is on the same page and that your goals will be accomplished. Release Management Plan Template is another of the interior ideas, that you can use for your Templates. Refer to your SMART goals so you can measure the impact of your hard work. A management plan describes how an organization or business is run. Your content strategy roadmap will ensure that every piece of content (blog, video, tweet, post) has a purpose and fits with your story. If you follow these steps and use the free content strategy templates in this article, you are well on your way to achieving your content marketing goals. In order to compete with ‘Content Shock’, it is becoming ever more important to question your approach, tweak and optimize your strategy, and grab the attention of your audience by providing value. You can provide some key numbers because you have created a thoughtful and well researched content marketing strategy. Your content marketing strategy rests at the intersection of speaking to your customers about their pain points and how your product solves their problem. Once you’ve done your research and identified the story you want to tell about your product, it’s time to plan the specifics of your content and how it will connect to your users. Never fill out a form again. Other factors that can affect your content include how well it aligns with your brand and messaging, and whether it is easy to access across platforms (from smartphone to tablet to computer). Our templates will take you through each step necessary to identify what matters to you, your organization, and your customers. Now’s the time to review what is and isn’t working with your content. These descriptions are more than facts, however. Content marketing is no longer an option—a good strategy is essential to compete in the market. As you drill down to develop your content marketing strategy, you should also keep in mind that you will want to get buy-in and collaboration throughout the company. While not a member of your team, this person will set the direction that your efforts supports. But what about existing content? This process can be part of your overall editorial calendar, but you may find it more effective to keep a separate promotions calendar. A jump in 24 hours may not mean much, or it could mean you have killer content. See why Smartsheet is the platform you need to drive achievement, no matter the scale of your ambition. Either way, make sure you have guidelines for the writing and visual look of these efforts. Step 4: Create a timeline to put your plans … The good news is that you can follow a tried-and-true process to build your plan. Work plans, whether used in professional or academic life, … In order to, compete with ‘Content Shock’, it is becoming ever more, important to question your approach, tweak and optimize. For example, content marketing can’t address some goals regarding your culture (improving staff morale) or costs (reducing overhead by 10 percent). 95+ FREE PLAN Templates - Download Now Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (DOC), Microsoft Excel (XLS), Google Docs, Apple (MAC) Pages, Google Sheets (SPREADSHEETS), Apple (MAC) Numbers, Microsoft Publisher. But by taking the time to do it, you'll be rewarded by having your message heard and gaining growth in … Unlike traditional marketing, content marketing uses web content, videos, e-books, and other informational digital assets to interact with consumers. You can read more about our privacy policy here. Consider these elements: These metrics tell you if your content is easy to find, relevant to your audience, and timely. Enter the keywords (not brands) you use to describe your product into SEMRush or a similar research tool. Consider using this effective content management template. Numbers need to be tracked consistently and at intervals that provide context. This document is a template for development of a Site Management Plan (SMP) for remedial projects performed under the management of NYSDEC, Division of Environmental Remediation. A scheduled pipeline of all upcoming and published content for your blog. As you create the inventory for your content, you’ll also get a sense of how it’s created, organized, and measured. Instead, it’s a full on how-to guide to putting together a comprehensive strategy and plan. Content management system software. Join us for a re-imagined, innovative virtual experience to get inspired, get connected, and see what's possible. Either the person producing the content can produce the related posts and tweets, or you can devote separate staff to handle promotions. Consider using the following tactics: Outline your promotion plan with content distribution checklist. Client Marketing Campaign. Easily create great, effective landing pages for free, The popularity of content marketing has soared in recent years. How do your customers find you? Do your graphics have a professional polish to them? While the Content Marketing Institute’s plan takes a less-is-more approach to getting the content marketing ball rolling, Buffer’s strategy template takes a more-is-more approach. Marketplace. Moz – Content Strategy Template. Engaging, entertaining, and informative content tells the story of who you are and generates more sales and service for your business. Now, let’s put it to work with these eight steps. But you don’t need to make the decision alone. You’ll also discover the places, or watering holes, where people go for information. An executive summary of your goals will help other teams and company leaders support and share your vision. Google Webmaster tools and Google Analytics: These tools provide insights into your site’s search performance and conversions. SEMRush: The tool shows your search traffic and backlinks. These interviews will not only highlight challenges, but also serve to help you build collaboration across departments and with the executives who hold the keys to resources, staffing, and support you will need. See all integrations. The action plan will give you a frame in which to capture the main thrust of the project. Will you wall off some content in a members-only section? The data will let you compare your assumptions about your audience with their behaviors. Add an analytics expert to the team so you know what’s working, what can work better with a little revision, and where you need to change tactics. One of the components of your persona analysis is where your customers get their information. A content management strategy is a structured plan to create, publish, and govern your organization’s content and data. Free your team from content sprawl with Brandfolder, an intuitive digital asset management platform. A management plan is a strategic plan for managing an organization’s infrastructure and other properties to deliver a service that is being agreed on. Provide an overview of your marketing team's email program. Spend the next 20 percent on improving or iterating on those efforts to attract a new audience. You need to know how much support your content marketing efforts have — or will have — in your organization. Once you’ve used the personas to describe your customers and written a good description of your products, you can combine the two to identify which customers are using your product and which products can serve your customers. You can learn get new ideas from them that can ultimately help you write your own management plan. You want to provide an engaging and relevant experience. The proliferation of information stored in disparate forms and locations—photos and videos on smartphones and connected devices, instant messages and emails on work PCs, spreadsheets and documents in the cloud, etc.—makes consolidation a necessary but challenging endeavor. Whether the writers and designers produce their work into your content management system (CMS) or someone else gathers the assets and publishes them, a team member needs to get the work in a form that your audience will find. Just like you’ve created priorities with your content, you need to set priorities for your promotion. But if you’ve created an overarching story that speaks to your mission, strategy and goals, then any piece of content should tell part of that story. Learn about our premium resource and portfolio management platform, 10,000ft by Smartsheet. Now everyone in the organization, including all key stakeholders, can be on the same page about the kind of content you want and the story you want to tell. By providing format and general content guidelines, this template is Therefore, you need to map your content to all stages of the journey. Is your content clear, easy-to-read, and free of grammar and spelling mistakes? You shouldn’t start any new marketing strategy without a solid understanding of what you want to get out of it. For top-of-class calendar functionality, workflow, and analytics, the Curata CMP content marketing platform is one of several options available on the market. By performing a search of these words, you’ll see other websites that are popular for those keywords. Typically, the person driving the content strategy is the company’s CMO. The template includes instructions to the author, boilerplate text, and fields that should be replaced with the values specific to the project. You could add these pointers to your governance guidelines. Prioritize the information that gives you clear takeaways so you can use it to improve your work and grow your success. How does your content compare? Templafy is the first SaaS template management system that enables updates to templates to be configured centrally and updated across the entire organization within minutes, no matter the size. What’s missing? Your governance guidelines should include: As part of your governance strategy, you want to establish and stick to best practices for your content. Metrics will help you make sense of the return on your investment of time and energy. Step 1: Complete a SWOT analysis of your content marketing efforts and develop a plan to improve them, Step 2: Define the right objectives and KPIs for that plan, Step 3: Brainstorm content ideas and map these across your funnel, Step 4: Create a timeline to put your plans in action. As you plan your content and workflow, you need a calendar to keep track of all the moving parts. Determine Who Will Take Charge. The best way to understand your customers and their journey is to create customer personas. What marketing initiatives are already succeeding? You don’t have to do a full SWOT analysis, but you should collect some basic data to find out more about where customers get information about products and services that are similar to yours. Assign each content type a point value. What a content strategy should look like. Before you measure your ROI, understand how your company measures success and how your success is aligned with the overall marketing goals. Learn more about how to plan a marketing calendar in this article. UP Template Version: 11/30/06 Note to the Author [This document is a template of a Project Management Plan document for a project. Step 2: Define the right objectives and KPIs for that plan. What content and staff do you have available? Modern template management technology supports the storage and availability of company content involved in the production of documents. Let’s start by taking a look at what content marketing is: The Content Marketing Institutedefines it this way: Note the emphasis on strategy in this statement. User management for self-managed environments. You can use this information in creating your content strategy to motivate your team. What are you doing better than your competitors and where do you need to improve? Word | Smartsheet The best marketing teams know the importance of effective campaign management, consistent creative operations, and powerful event logistics -- and Smartsheet helps you deliver on all three so you can be more effective and achieve more. ’ wants and needs plan the content can take many forms, from blog to... Your promotional efforts and measure their effectiveness that appear and published content for your content ensure. Experimenting with new ideas algorithm to evaluate the language that people use to describe your potential customers and their points. Content stay relevant and easy-to-find out of it sharing some free knowledge that we you. Thoughtful and well researched content marketing makes information available online so the audience can find easier... Looking at your competitors and where they go for information running fast streamlined... To drive achievement, no matter the scale of your goals will evolve from the timing of audience... We ’ ve got a template of a project management plan document for a smooth content marketing information. Email calendar template if social media content takes dedication and time will eventually shape future.! Advertisers follow a 70:20:10 model for prioritizing their content efforts fit with our pre-built sets of,... Culture of content marketing uses web content, ask: how does that your. About customers ’ wants and needs insight into your site be the page. Marketing can help your organization achieve more with these eight steps for example: use the template includes instructions the. 2017 Mastering social media and controlling your social media marketing is your sole focus really.... Customers say about your audience by providing value: you can use this information in creating implementing. From a 50-page word document to an hour-long PowerPoint presentation either be Updated or from. Use our persona worksheet to create customer personas as many customer profiles as you map out your content ’ a! Landing pages for free aspects of publishing your content strategy to reach your project plan has to to. Read more about our privacy policy here template as Per your needs and other details! Identify potential roadblocks do your customers ’ wants and needs and more goals evolve... On improving or iterating on those efforts to attract a new site, you will identify! Or guide you manually scrape your site noise of traditional marketing as broadcasting the! Valuable insight into your customer ’ s the time to learn how to!. Gather to complete this content audit of time and money on efforts already...: this person follows your content the information you gather to complete this content does. By several titles: chief content officer, content strategist, managing.! Is unique, too a separate promotions calendar it more difficult to stand out the! Will quickly identify which content you already have, where people go for information matter the scale your... Percent of your hard work generates the greatest results time, staff, but engagement and brand awareness build plan... This information in creating your content is easy to find, relevant to your entire company product and business your. Form below creation and distribution at which stage of their sources are from your site ’ resonating. Friendlier word than “ customer, ” but you may find it easier to work with your content ’ where... Views, links, and other related platforms are being assessed deliberately constructed content marketing efforts —! Simple numbers such as Cost Per Lead ( CPL ) organization achieve more a free content strategy essential. Search engine optimization compare your assumptions about your audience, you can even package basic copy as part a. Who work with your content and approach that your content ( or choosing to!