Can be used as a primary knife for many purpose while hiking - survival knife, general purpose camp knife, food prep etc.. Slightly thicker grip would probably be better and more comfortable in the hand. Continue reading below to see the detailed comparisons between ESEE 5 vs 6! ESEE 6: Survival Knife Perfection. I have a Gerber multi-tool in my GHB. 6. Thread starter Chet Punisher; Start date Aug 3, 2018; Chet Punisher Guide. HOWEVER, if I was to have to have only ONE Esee it would be the 5 as thats nearly the best of both worlds and would fit the need for a good bushcrafter WITH a large enough knife for "combat" needs. I would say that i do prefer the original 4 as i am able to get a more solid grip then the 4HM. Check out the ESEE 6, I like it better than the 5 and seems plenty strong to me. Esee 4 vs. Morakniv. #10 farnorthdan, Feb 18, 2014. That much thicker even that the ESEE 5 is twice as heavy as the ESEE 6, while it is only a couple centimeters shorter. The Esee 3HM made tight little curls. The amazing utilisation properties of the steel make sure you will enjoy it for life. I know you have the ESEE 4 listed, but my choice would have been the ESEE 6. In other words , if you only had one knife to take with you to the end of civilization the ESEE 6 should be one your short list. Dimensions In general, survival knives like ESEE 5 and ESEE 6 are big and heavy. ESEE 5. It is because of the thicker blade. I think ESEE makes some of the best knives when it comes to function vs price. Buy ESEE 6 Series Knives, At 6.5 inches, the ESEE 6 series have longer blades than the preceding series. Aug 3, 2018 #1 Thinking of adding one of these to my fixed … 3/16 is still pretty thick. ESEE 5, in particular, is pretty heavy at 16.0 oz. The odd one out amongst the 6,5,4 and 3. Le tout grâce à une lame bien épaisse (4,3 mm) qui lui assure une solidité remarquable. Esee 4P Black Knife. The HM value stands for “Handle Modification.” The current version, the 4HMB has more defined edges but the overall shape is still the broom-handle and removal of the choil. Which is right for you depends on your use. One piece 1095 high carbon steel construction with Pink powder coated finish. I have an Esee 4 & 6 and love them both like my own children. ESEE PR4 vs ESEE Laser Strike vs ESEE JG5. Posted by 6 years ago. A vec de telles dimensions, l’Esee 6 s’impose donc comme le couteau de survie parfait pour pratiquer le bâtonnage, l’ébranchage, voire la coupe de sections imposantes. ... #2 I cannot help on the intended use for the original 4 vs the 4HM but i do own both. About the Esee 4HM. ESEE 4 vs ESEE 5. TKC scales - After all, the ESEE Model 5 has a blade that is a lot thicker. The ESEE-4 is a fixed blade outdoor, survival, bushcraft and tactical blade made of 1095 High Carbon Steel which holds an edge through the toughest of chores. If you are acquainted with the ESEE-3, then you already know the ESEE-4 handle, because it is the exact same handle minus the additional 0.063” difference in metal thickness of the ESEE-4 over the ESEE-3. I don't own a 4 but have heard nothing but great things about them. The ESEE-4 is a drop point, flat ground knife made from 1095 high carbon steel (55-57rc). That is, however, not really the case. The ESEE 6 is perfect for that. Being the ESEE fan that I am I do however want one of each and every knife they make. The ESEE 4 has about a half an inch of extra cutting edge as well as posessing a thicker blade. The 4.5-inch length is a nice size for an all-rounder fixed blade knife: big enough to feel substantially more powerful than a folder, but not so big as to make carrying one feel awkward. This is a simple and time-tested handle design. The mid-size survival knife that is almost impossible to destroy. The ESEE-4 fixed blade knife is the "wilderness" model of the popular ESEE-3 tactical knife with a longer, thicker blade. In addition, the Esee 4 blade is thicker than the Benchmade Bushcrafter. The fit and feel is perfect. In terms of size you could say that the ESEE 5 is simply the big brother of the ESEE 4. Not that my ESEE 6 needed new better scales but I decided to purchase new scales from The Knife Connection... and I'm very happy I did! Just a question, why would I need an Esee 4 instead of a Mora when I am backpacking? Close. These knives aren’t specific bushcraft knives, but more wilderness survival knives, designed for that particular context and very much for reliability, but somewhat less for versatility, although they are certainly more than serviceable in most contexts.The only ‘fancy’ aspect of these knives is the quality. ESEE 4 vs ESEE 5. Firearm Discussion and Resources from AR-15, AK-47, Handguns and more! ESEE Izula Pink with Kit . Esee 4 vs. Morakniv. The Wave is great don't get me wrong. Posted: 8/4/2020 12:16:35 AM EST I bit the bullet and ordered an ESEE 6 with the new 3D handles. Re: Esee5 vs. Ratmandu Hey Rob why the 5? The 5 is almost 50% heavier. I also ordered TKC long grips for the ESEE 4 and a leather sheath, hopefully fixing two things I hate about that knife. The ESEE-4 is the longer, thicker "wilderness" model of the popular ESEE-3 tactical knife. Esee 4 is a knife made of 1095 carbon steel which is the best choice for professional works of cutlery and heavy duty tasks. But there's more to my life than making shavings, and the flat grind of the regular Esee knives is serviceable and quick to touch up on a stone. My first ESEE was a 6 and this is my main woods knife with my 3 or izzy2 being my EDC. The extremely sustainable powder coating on the blade helps to protect it from the major rust sensitivity of carbon steel. The ESEE 4 is a full tang, 1095 steel blade that is 3/16“ thick with a full flat grind and is had for right around 100 bucks. Revival and Cobra 6 … The handle has removable Micarta scales and a rounded pommel with a hole for lanyard attachment. The knife’s total weight is 9.5-ounces, which is around half as much as a youth-sized aluminum baseball bat. 6 1/4" overall. Joined Feb 12, 2011 Messages 1,807 Likes 178 Location Holland, Michigan. The dimensions of the knife are as follows: Overall Length – 9”, Blade Length – 4.5”, Cutting Edge – 4.1”, Blade Width – 1.25”, and Max Spine Thickness – .188”. ESEE Knives has taken the best features of bushcraft/survival knives and created the outstanding ESEE-6. So I would not call a good fixed blade a single purpose tool by any means. When I first started to EDC fixed blade knives I went through several different sizes, manufactures, and blade steel types before I landed on a 1095 ESEE 4 … The blade length is a rangy 4.75-inches, 4.5 of which are sharpened. 2 1/2" drop point blade. About the ESEE-4, ESEE-5 and ESEE-6 knives in general. But I also carry my ESEE 4 on me. Even more solid than ‘normal’ ESEE knives. The ESEE-4 has the exact same handle profile as the ESEE-3 and an extra inch of blade. Skeletonized handle with ring pommel. This is my second ESEE 4 and I also own the 6 and 3. The ESEE model 4 is a solid survival knife with a 1095 carbon steel blade. It's also a better hunting tool and self defense tool for if you run out of bullets. It is designed as a stand-alone survival knife. Fallkniven makes some very good knives as well especially if you are looking for Stainless blades. The ESEE 6 is a medium, full-tang, fixed blade survival knife featuring a very robust 1095 Carbon steel blade. When buying your first ESEE knife people frequently get hung up deciding between the ESEE 3 or the ESEE 4. Esee Knives, ESEE-4, Sharpened Clip Point Plain Edge, Coyote Brown Sheath, Clip Plate; Price: $103.16; Price as of 12/07/2020 16:32 PST (more info about ad) You’ll instantly be able to tell how strong and sturdy the Esee … We borrowed one from a YouTuber for this review. The ESEE … ), auf ihre Robustheit(also was macht das Messer allgemein mit, ist jetzt nicht nur auf die Klinge bezogen sondern auch auf die Griffschalen, ob diese zum Beispiel schnell kaputt gehen).Desweiteren würde ich sie auch gerne vergleichen wie gut man sie nach schleifen kann. Buy, Sell, and Trade your Firearms and Gear. ESEE-3, ESEE-4, ESEE-5, ESEE-6 Knife Review Last Updated on February 11th, 2020 Co-funded by Jeff Randall and Mike Perrin in 1997, “Randall’s Adventure & Training” worked under contract with the Peruvian Air Force’s “Escuela De Supervivencia En La Selva” (School … Das Esee-4 muss gefettet werden, aber wie sieht es mit dem Muela Rhino aus? The ESEE 6 is an amazing wilderness survival knife that has amazing quality but it dosen't make as good an urban knife as the LMF 2 as you'ld get electrocuted trying some of the things that are safe to do with the Gerber. The standard Esee 4 is the choice for many other Esee owners. The full tang blade has been enhanced with a micarta handle. I believe ESEE walks the KISS line well while giving you the best steel for the money. ESEE 3 vs. ESEE 4. Now if you are cutting your way out of 55 gal drums on a regular basis then by all means go with the 5 … Pros for ESEE 4: Quite strong with that 3/16" stock - though still much lighter than ESEE 5. Its flat grind features ESEE’s rugged “Black Textured Powder Coat” over a 1.38-inch width, broken only by the maker’s marks. from - The Original and Largest Online Catalog of Cutlery The ESEE Camp-Lore PR4 is a highly functional fixed-blade knife that simply gets the job done. I'm also planning on getting new scales for my other ESEE Knives. En terme de dimensions, l’ESEE 5 est tout simplement le grand frère de l’ESEE 4 avec quelques petites différences. I love camping and backpacking, and I recently bought a cheaper mora knife for those purposes. The 1095 steel blade is 3/16" thick with a full flat grind. You will hardly spot the differences when you see a picture of both knives, but the ESEE 5 is because of its blade thickness a lot more robust. But, although knife and thickness materials ensure blade toughness and durability, carbon steel is … ESEE 4: Flat vs. Contoured Handles. Do I really need that much of a more heavy duty blade? The Esee 4HM just effortlessly ate up the stick, throwing chips like a chainsaw. The ESEE-6 has become a very popular choice for an all-around wilderness/outdoor knife, and for good reason. The two most important differences are the width of the blade as well as the length. Il est difficile de le détecter sur les photos mais l’ESEE 5 a une conception beaucoupl plus robuste grâce à sa lame beaucoup plus épaisse. The total length of the knife, however, is shorter than the sibling. >> Esee 5 vs Esee 6 : consultez notre article sur le couteau Esee 5 << I have made a lot of researches and I finally decided to purchase an esee 4 or esee 4 hm. Hey r/knives! ESEE knives have a reputation for their handle ergonomics and the ESEE-4 is no exception. Archived.