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Here's a list of the reviews that we've published recently:

10308 Icons Holiday Main Street

Despite seeming unfocused, this Winter Village set maintains the charm of its precursors

21337 Ideas Table Football

Robust, decorative and surprisingly good fun

21337 Ideas Table Football

30510 Classic 90 Years of Cars

These tributes to classic LEGO vehicles are fun, but could have included greater detail

40562 Creator Mystic Witch

A fun GWP for the run-up to Halloween

30590 City Farm Garden & Scarecrow

This polybag is an excellent addition to the Farm range, including some great elements

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LEGO launched the Winter Village Collection in 2009 and the series has remained impressively cohesive, exhibiting a similar architectural style between models. The attractive 10308 Holiday Main Street therefore maintains those familiar features, mostly.

However, the proportions of these shops differ from previous Winter Village buildings, as they appear shallower than expected and omit the interesting architectural features found elsewhere. The tram and accompanying models look superb though, perhaps balancing these unremarkable buildings within a harmonious scene.

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Here at Brickset we are always striving to make it as easy as possible to find the sets you're looking for. The search bar at the top of every page is the first thing to try, and if that doesn't provide you with the results you're after you can use the query builder to perform complex searches.

However, there are some scenarios where even that won't help. A while ago magmafrost used our suggestion box to ask if it would be possible to add a feature to enable him to find sets that contained two or more specific parts, which could be useful for identifying sets among second-hand lots.

So, I have done just that, and you'll find it as the first feature added to the new advanced set search page.

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These are the most read articles that we've posted over the last couple of weeks:

Article Date Views Likes Comments
First images of 76210 Hulkbuster! 15 Oct 23958 94 158
Checkmate! LEGO and chess 13 Oct 23038 130 54
76210 Hulkbuster officially revealed! 18 Oct 14626 74 146
2022 press release poll analysis 21 Oct 11413 203 116
A look at the minifigs in 21337 Table Football 18 Oct 11243 151 103
40366 LEGO House Dinosaurs to be available on 19 Oct 10258 62 67
Review: 40562 Mystic Witch 10 Oct 9953 85 38
Designing a Modular Building from start to finish 10 Oct 9842 151 26
Review: 21337 Table Football 20 Oct 9663 130 69
Review: 30510 90 Years of Cars 13 Oct 8314 76 31

The total number of news article views this week is 164,117, which is 7,458 fewer than last week.

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These are the sets that have been viewed the most this week:

171026 Joker17174
27327 Scorpion Pyramid8694
3140513 Spooky VIP Add On Pack7128
476210 Hulkbuster5445
571026 LEGO Minifigures - DC Super Heroes Series {Random Bag}3724
6240562 Mystic Witch3607
75984 Lunar Limo3578
85344 Bungalow3175
940366 LEGO House Dinosaurs3011
1076206 Iron Man Figure2953

The total number of set detail pages viewed this week is 1,454,751, which is 83,512 more than last week.

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©1970 LEGO Group

This week's vintage set is 347 Fire Station, released during 1970. It's one of 12 LEGOLAND sets produced that year. It contains 320 pieces.

It's owned by 311 Brickset members. If you want to add it to your collection you might find it for sale at BrickLink or eBay.

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©2022 LEGO Group

We've been adding polls to the bottom of press releases to gauge interest in new sets for a while now and at the end of last year we published an article which analysed the data to find out which sets released during 2021 made the best first impression and which ones were considered to be duds.

I've done the same for this year's press releases and, as was the case last year, I'd like to be able to tell you that the results are surprising to encourage you to continue reading, but actually they are very predictable, on the whole!

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21337 Table Football is based on the the winning entry of last year's LEGO Ideas competition We Love Sports.

The original submission proposed a full-sized table, but that proved impossible to deliver, as explained by LEGO Ideas Design Manager Samuel Johnson and model designer Antica Bracanov in the article that we published a few weeks ago.

So, what we have instead is a small 5-a-side pitch that doesn't look like it's much fun to play with at all. Let's find out if that's the case...

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40366 LEGO House Dinosaurs is now available to purchase on, for those in the UK, Ireland and Denmark.

The set costs £74.99, €85.00 or 749,00 DKK, so a further spend will be needed to receive 40562 Mystic Witch, although 40513 Spooky VIP Add on Pack should be added to your cart.

Buy 40366 LEGO House Dinosaurs at »

As mentioned in our article yesterday, availability is limited to the UK, Ireland and Denmark because the packaging and instructions do not meet the legal requirements to be distributed elsewhere in the world.

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21337 Table Football, which was revealed a couple of weeks ago and will be available from November the 1st, is the first non-licenced set to contain skin-toned minifigures.

Furthermore, it comes with far more minifig components than are needed to create players for two 5-a-side squads. There are male heads and female heads in six different skin-tones, and a wide variety of hairpieces, allowing you to build your dream teams however you see fit.

Our review sample has just arrived, so I've not had a chance to build and play with it yet. However, I have opened every single bag in order to gather the minifigure parts together for this article.

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Following its appearance in an Indonesian LEGO Certified Store last week, 76210 Hulkbuster has now been officially revealed.

76210 Hulkbuster
4,049 pieces, rated 18+.
£474.99 / €549.99 / $549.99 / AU$849.99 / CA$699.99
Available from 4th November at

Take Iron Man to new heights with the impressive new LEGO Hulkbuster set

Today, the LEGO Group is excited to announce its latest LEGO Marvel Studios’ release – the Iron Man Hulkbuster set, featuring Iron Man as he appeared in the mega-hit film Infinity Saga – Age of Ultron.

Consisting of 4,049 pieces and standing at 52 cm tall, the LEGO Hulkbuster is impressive in size, and boasts an incredible amount of detail. The red and gold set depicts the MK44 Iron Man suit and features poseable arms, a light brick on the chest and two light bricks on the hands. There is also an accessible cockpit, which can fit 76206 Iron Man Figure inside. The set also includes a Tony Stark minifigure and an information plaque, with space to display the minifigure.

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Creations for Charity, the annual fundraising event, has just begun.

Organiser Nannan Zhang writes "The 14th annual Creations for Charity is now live on our website. From now until the end of November, you can donate or buy a creation to raise money to give LEGO to underprivileged children across the world. We look forward to another successful fundraiser and continuing the LEGO fan community's annual tradition of giving back during the holidays!"

Head on over to the website to donate a MOC or to buy one, and view a selection of the items available after the break.

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