Sayyedina Khidr (Alay hissalaam) also knew the Ghayb?Imam Tabari, Imam Qurtabi and Qadi Shawkani quote the following narration: Ibn Abbas reported that Khidr was a man who did all his work with the knowledge of the Ghayb because he knew the Ghayb. [Tafsir Tabari, Tafsir Qurtabi, Tafsir Fathul Qadir, by Imam Tabari, Qurtabi and Qadi Shawkani].The above … More HAZRAT KHIDR NEW GAIB


(Fathul Bari chap on Anbiya).From all the above Ahadith it is proven that the Prophet (May Allah bless him and grant him peace) was bestowed with more knowledge, than any other in the creation by Allah Almighty. It is also clear that he, (May Allah bless him and grant him peace), has been bestowed with … More FATHUL BARI

IBNE KATHIR and ilme gaib

Hafidhh Ibn Kathir writes: A shepherd was with his goats. Upon which a wolf came and grabbed one goat and ran. The shepherd then chased after the wolf to get the goat back. The wolf then spoke to him and said, “Why do you take what food (rizq) which Allah has provided for me?” The shepherd … More IBNE KATHIR and ilme gaib


Brother lets first analyze what does the word Gaib means…? Gaib means Unseen… Things which are not seen to a Normal Human being..then now what is the Defination of a NABI..Nabi is a person who gives knowledge of the Unseen..Gaib ki khabar dene waaale ko Nabi kehte hai..If your friend is saying that RasoolAllah  sal-lal-lahu … More WHAT IS GAIB